Steel Sheds are everywhere in Australia, and unlike the yanks, Australians don't seem to build many wood sheds. Why is this the case? I prefer the look of wooden sheds and would like to get one for my backyard. What are the pro's and con's for Wooden V's Steel Sheds?

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Wooden Shed versus Steel Shed.


  1. Susceptible to termites, fire and rot.
  2. Can be more visually attractive.
  3. Painting can become a chore.
  4. Lot easier to add shelving & lining etc.
  5. More expensive than steel.


  1. Termite, rot & fire resistant
  2. No painting needed (just occasional wash down)
  3. More problems lining the interior.
  4. Normally cheaper than timber.
  5. Steel can be fully recycled (timber normally land fill)

I have included both pros and cons under each type - there are many more - but the choice is yours as it has to suit your exsisting structures. eg If you had an old Queenslander house - a brand new zincalume shed may look out of place. Cost is also a factor.


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Hello Dave,

That is a good list. There are no real kits for the larger wooden sheds that I can find. I have a few quotes out for wood and I would imagine due to the intensive building process it is not going to even come close. I just wanted storage and have moved over from Yank land, where wood is everywhere! Wood can look much better and has more design options.

Best, Jack

(31 Oct '12, 04:50) JacMD


I agree on all your points: But if you get a design done by a draughtsman or designer and then take it to a timber stud framing outlet that do housing - I think you may be pleasantly surprised. Order a quote for the frames & trusses, organise quotes also for the cladding (weatherboards etc) and maybe go for a colourbond roof. Gutters, tank etc - and it will lend to your preference toward timber. Once all the above has been quoted etc then contact a builder for erection, certification etc. Timber sheds do look great. Don't forget you can do steel stud framing and have it timber clad - and cheaper. Let us know what you choose.

Overall - maybe the value of your whole property may improve more than the increased costs of chosing timber over steel.


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