I am looking to buy a shed and am almost convinced of getting a steel shed over a wood shed. The next question is do I put the shed up myself or do I hire the professionals? I am reasonably handy, I made a bird house and there have been no casualties yet!

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The size determines whether you need a builder to erect the shed. And this may vary amongst different states. Could you provide more details?

(30 Oct '12, 06:33) Dave ♦

A standard double garage Width 6m x Length 8m x Height 2.4m.

(30 Oct '12, 06:49) JacMD

A standard double garage 6 meters X 8 meters x 2.4 high could be done providing the supplier gives you the following:

  1. Complete set of drawings, component list, construction manual.
  2. Exact size of slab required including hold down bolt locations.
  3. Owner builder will then make you responsible for all certification etc.
  4. Preferably a supplier video on construction details.
  5. Ensure the supllier provides something in his contrract to suplly some on site support during construction.

But having said all this - a shed erection contractor can construct these smaller sheds very rapidly and if any problems arise they (or the supplier) are liable to correct them. Normally the certification procedures are done rapidly and correctly for you.


answered 31 Oct '12, 01:32

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