I am getting quotes for sheds at the moment and most are offering C-Sections. One Shed provider is offering RHS Steel. The RHS looks better, however it is a little more expensive.

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Really need to know the size of the shed dbsec if you have the details.

(30 Oct '12, 06:32) Dave ♦

Dave, there are two sheds. A 18 meters wide x 16 meters long x 4 meters height and a 6 meters wide x 6 meters long x 3.4 meters height.

(30 Oct '12, 06:42) dbsec

1. Shed 1. 18 meters wide X 16 meters long x 4 meters high. This one is very close to the limit of rollformed C section that I would recommend (also consider region you are in etc). My personnal choice would be the RHS steel shed or even structural steel. The cost would be more but the gain is strength. Also a saving of internal space from the RHS than the larger C section.

2. Shed 2. 6 meters wide X 6 meters long X 3.4 meters high. I would go for the C section in this particular one as the rollformer section will be more than adequate at this size and also a good saving. Also slightly more - but consider steel stud framing - the trusses are also done in steel that will span 6 meters easily. This system allows for internal lining very quickly including insulation.

But if you are building both at the same time, having both sheds in RHS - the shed outlet may give you significant discount.


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